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There is no minimum contract. Customers who are not fully satisfied with the service can leave at any time and make no further payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do We Encourage Payment By Direct Debit?

The price above is for payment by Direct Debit. If you would prefer to use a credit or debit card we charge an extra fee of 1 (or equivalent) per month. We have found payments by card or Paypal often fail. Setting up a new subscription costs us extra, so we pass the savings on to you if you choose Direct Debit.

Why Have We Removed Yearly Pricing?

We don't want our customers to feel like they are tied in. Monthly payments also work very well with our new discount scheme as it allows us to apply the discount for the next month's payment.

More General FAQs

Other services may seem cheaper, but make sure you are comparing apples with apples

Our service includes EVERYTHING you need to get started. Use this checklist to make sure any other service you are considering includes the same functionality for no additional cost or work on your behalf.

Domain & Hosting

  • Your own domain name e.g.
    If you decide to leave we will transfer your domain name to a registrar of your choice
  • Hosting on dedicated HP servers owned and managed by us in a purpose built, totally secure hosting centre
  • Your own email address and hosted email taht you can access through a mail client or webmail


  • Choice of stylish template designs created especially for holiday sites
  • Mobile and tablet friendly sites
  • Add up to 200 photos and videos to your site
  • Add an amazing carousel to your site

Customer Support

  • Friendly support through email, tickets or even phone


  • Advanced calendar
  • Take deposits and payments using Paypal
  • Offers and banner adverts that can be syndicated to other sites
  • Advanced spam control
  • Translation of your site
  • No software required
  • Three options for useful website statistics, including Google Analytics
  • Easily create a map using our built in location tool

Marketing Tools

  • Search Engine Optimisation online guide
  • FREE Landing sites
  • Easy to add blog / news page
  • Add Print Attachments
  • Receive SMS Text Alerts
  • Easily manage multiple sites with one login and create links between sites
  • Booking and enquiry forms
  • Guest book