Affiliate Terms and Conditions

This agreement outlines your obligations as an Affiliate Member (affiliate) of (HSB) and explains HSB's obligations to you as an affiliate. When you sign up as an affiliate member of HSB you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions as well as the standard member's terms and conditions published online:

HSB Affiliate System

The HSB website utilises coupon or promotion codes. To be eligible for commission a customer must enter an affiliate's unique promotion code on the HSB payment screen in the same session as they make their purchase.

When a customer completes a transaction after having entered your site's promotion code the affiliate may become eligible to receive a monetary payment from HSB for that transaction. The customer will also be eligible for a discount on the standard price for HSB's services.

A Commission Email Alert (Alert) will be sent to the affiliate by HSB whenever a customer signs up using the affiliate's promotion code. The alert does not constitute a guarantee of commission payment.

A Monthly Commission Report (Report) will be emailed to the affiliate, stating the number of customers who have used the affiliate's promotion code and paid HSB for their services. The report will also state how much commission is owed to the affiliate.

HSB endeavour to ensure all transactions are alerted and reported accurately, however HSB will not be held responsible for any errors beyond HSB's control, which may occur in the tracking and validation process. Where an error does occur HSB will use best endeavours to ensure HSB are able to pay affiliates the correct amount for a transaction. However HSB make no guarantee they will be successful in doing this.

Affiliates may check the service is working properly and accurately by setting up a test account, paying for an HSB service and then contacting HSB for a full refund within 7 days of the test purchase. HSB's affiliate system should send an automated email alert within 24 hours of payment to the affiliate. As refunds are a manual process HSB ask affiliates to only set up test accounts every few weeks.

Affiliates must direct all enquiries with respect to their commission, alert emails or monthly email reports to HSB through HSB's online enquiry system.

Commission is only paid to affiliates once a customer's payment has been successfully received and no refunds have been requested for one month. This delay in payment allows the system to be validated by affiliates using test accounts and refunded payments, as described above.

Commission Rates

Affiliates will receive £15 for every customer that uses their unique promotion code during a purchase.

If affiliates prefer to be paid in currencies other than £GBP, the current rate of exchange on will be used to convert the payment into the affiliate's preferred currency.

If affiliates refer other affiliates to the scheme, then the referrer is eligible for a £5 commission payment every time the referred affiliate receives £15 commission. These Affiliate Referral Payments will only be valid for 1 year from the original referral of the new affiliate.


Commission payment will be made using one of the following methods, depending on the affiliate's preferences:

Payment will only be made once an affiliate is owed £50 or more and HSB aim to make payments at the end of each month.

The estimated amount payable to an affiliate will appear in the Monthly Commission Report (Report) email. This does not mean affiliates are eligible to receive that amount as the transaction status HSB provides affiliates with is only an indication of commission owed. Affiliates only become eligible to receive an amount as commission where HSB have been in receipt of a customer's payment for 1 month and an affiliate's account is in good standing.

It is the affiliate's responsibility to ensure their bank or Paypal account details at HSB are accurate and valid. HSB will aim to make payments at the end of each month. However, HSB make no guarantee that affiliates will be paid on any set date each month and accept no responsibility for late or missed payments.

Incentives for Customers to Sign Up Using an Affiliate's Coupon Code

Customers using an Affiliates Promotion / Coupon code will receive a discount as an incentive for using an Affiliate's code. The initial discounts will be:

If a customer would like to pay using either $US or €EU then they will receive similar discounts based on the current approximate exchange rate.

All Promotion/Coupon discounts are subject to change by HSB.

Affiliate Account Validity and Termination

For an affiliate's account to be considered in good standing the following conditions must be met:

Modification of Terms and Conditions

HSB may modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, at any time and in HSB's sole discretion by emailing a revised agreement to affiliates.

Banners, Images and Text Used to Advertise the HSB Coupon Scheme

HSB can provide banners and images to the affiliate for advertising purposes. The affiliate should contact HSB using the following email address to request advertising material:

Affiliate advertising of HSB should not be misleading in any way. HSB reserve the right to request the change of text or images used to advertise HSB. If the affiliate does not comply with the request for change, HSB reserve the right to terminate the Affiliate's account.

Governing Law and Tax

This Agreement (Terms and Conditions) will be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom , without reference to rules governing choice of laws.

It is each Affiliate's responsibility (if necessary) to pay any tax owed for the receipt of affiliate commission payments.

Details HSB require from Affiliates

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